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Marlene Brehm and Luke Dowler on New and Noteworthy on iTunes. Check it out!



My new Book

Working on my new book "Reunion" by Mitchell B. Yellen & Boyd Morris. Looking forward to it's upcoming release.


The Pinery at the Hill Final Press Release




Locally owned, Pinery Enterprises, Mitchell Yellen, CEO. and Eric Allen, COO., are proud to announce that “The Pinery at The Hill” will begin breaking ground summer 2012 for a brand new all inclusive wedding and special events venue. This will be signified with a ground breaking ceremony on August 24th! With plans to open for business June of 2013.  Located at 775 West Bijou Street, overlooking the heart of Downtown Colorado Springs, this will be the second local location for The Pinery brand.


The real enthusiasm and commitment to the city of Colorado Springs is shown by the location choice, The Pinery Enterprises had two choices when choosing a second location: to engage in building and developing in rural lands, or green spaces, or the more positive approach of “upcycling” land that is no longer in use, that they can in turn redevelop to once again have a positive economic impact on the city and the immediate community. By restoring the vitality to this once landmark location in downtown Colorado Springs, they hope to enrich the community and have an encouraging impact on the stability of the city. This redevelopment provides a vital new business for downtown Colorado Springs, as well as many new employment opportunities. 


The Pinery at The Hill wedding and special events venue will be approximately 22,000 square feet in size.  They are also planning for future development and off premise catering hub, as well as a new floral and retail store.  This magnificent location will include 2 grand ballrooms, an elevator and a second lobby with private entrance.  There will be 7 conference rooms available which can be used privately for various events.


The Pinery at The Hill will also boast “The Club” at The Hill, an exclusive private Club for those who like to entertain and impress. This will be a one of a kind private social club in Colorado Springs.


They look forward to welcoming all to the grand opening of The Pinery at The Hill in 2013 with many spectacular events, concerts, charity benefits and Special guests.


For questions about The Pinery at The Hill, Contact Eric Allen, Vice President of Operations for Pinery Enterprises. (719) 495-9499


For Media, Press and PR questions, Please contact Jen Gesick of Jen Barry Productions. (719) 650-4959





The new Pinery Location

Looking forward to the new Pinery location-The Pinery at The Hill Downtown Colorado Springs!





Cheyenne Mountain Sweeps Air Academy in Regional Finals

Follow the link below to read about Cheyenne Mountains Regional Final win over Air Academy.  Way to go Indians!


Words From Richard Waryn--Venture Capitalist

Richard Waryn is a venture capitalist and previously, was a Managing Director of Dubai Capital Group’s private equity activities in the CIS Region.  Here is what he has to say about Mitchell Yellen:

“When my family and I first moved to Colorado, Mitch was one of the first persons I was introduced to and he’s been a great source of friendship and business relationships. I’ve invested myself personally with Mitchell Yellen and have been involved with several other of Mitches business ventures. Mitch has been nothing but a person of integrity and somebody whom I trust and I look forward to working together in the future.”

“Richard Waryn has over 23 years of professional experience including 17 years in emerging markets private equity and has raised more than US$3 billion across 6 funds covering Asia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the CIS Region.  Mr. Waryn is the Chairman of the Uplift Equity Investment Committee and assists Uplift in sourcing, managing, and funding ivestment opportunities.  He also serves as a Member of Supervisory Board at Escada AG and a Member of the International Advisory Board at Trafton International Group, LLC. 

Mr. Waryn was also an adjunct professor of International Finance at Johns Hopkins University and at the Georgetown University School of Management, both in Washington, DC.  He holds a Masters degree in Applied Finance and Economics from Harvard University and a BSc. with honors from the University of Toronto.”  



Words From Brian Bahr-President/CEO Challenger Homes

“I think that [Mitch] is a high integrity person. I believe that he works for his clients and strives to do well by them.  Mitch and I have been involved in some real estate developments and construction projects.  I just find him very pleasurable to work with and just a good person.”  

-Brian Bahr


Words From Rick Barry-NBA Legend and Hall of Famer

“I’ve known Mitchell Yellen now for a number of years. We met through our sons playing tennis together through the high school team. And after getting to know Mitch I have a great respect and admiration for him, he’s a very honest person, a religious person and I trust him implicitly. I know that Mitch always has the interest of the client at heart first. I’ve watched this first hand and if anyone thinks different than that, does not know Mitch Yellen.”

-Rick Barry


Words From Pat Boone-Legend And Hall of Famer, Singer, Actor and Writer

“I met Mitch Yellen some 5 years ago, we met on a business meeting.  I was so impressed, he is a messianic believer, that is, he’s a Jew who like so many of us, believe that Jesus is the fulfillment of all the messianic prophecies.  (I) met his wife, met his kids, and learned about his business. I became very impressed with him and my wife, who has a character radar, and people I might be sold on she might not be, but we both have been sold on Mitch Yellen’s character and his integrity for at least 5 years. I have made serious large investments, large for us, in real estate, insurance and other things that we believe in, but mainly because we believe in Mitch.”

-Pat Boone