Making a Difference in the Lives of Others With Music
Thursday, July 2
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Mitchell Yellen partnered with David Hanley, of PRESS PLAY and founder of Dream Records,to provide artists with an innovative approach to music development. And their passion for music doesn't end there.

Mitch Yellen with Dream Records music partners,David & Gina Hanley and Lance Brown.
David Hanley and wife Gina Hanley (VP ofDevelopment) are inspired by seeing the lives of others positively changed. Together with Lance Brown (General Manager), this team puts all their trust in God. Their unique approach to success is their ability to combine traditional signing and promoting of artists to the top of the music industry and market, while incorporating their Christ-centered foundation of faith based messages. 

All of the artists on the label are committed to promoting Christ to local, regional and international music markets. Regardless of the genre, Dream Records is certain of their purpose and calling to develop, train, mentor, release and promote world-class “Music Missionaries”. DREAM LABEL GROUP is truly setting a new standard in the music and entertainment industry by collaborating with artists who reach thousands of lives each day.

About Mitch Yellen

Mitchell B. Yellen is an author, entrepreneur and financial engineer whose faith, integrity and straight forward business approach has led to success in his professional pursuits and in, his marriage and family life. Yellen is involved with numerous successful businesses, investment opportunities and charitable work around the world.

With more than 28 years of financial experience, his efforts to provide stable financial education and advice include his close involvement with the Personal Equity Institute, where the light of Christ is reflected in results and character rather than used as a selling point.

Yellen is also the owner and CEO of Pinery Enterprises, LLC which operates a growing line of high-class, all-inclusive wedding and event venues. Yellen’s extensive business expertise and strong character have been recognized by his many clients and colleagues, including legendary singer, songwriter and author Pat Boone and fellow CEOs Sam Kimbriel and Brian Bahr. In addition to his businessexperience, Mitch and his wife Windsor are involved with numerous charitableorganizations


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