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Pat Boone 


Who is Mitch Yellen?

Mitch's friends and colleagues speak.


On the Set

A while back, I produced a film in Thailand with John Reis Davies of Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Indiana Jones fame. I had a great time with him. John is a brilliant man and extraordinarily talented! 





Dream BIG

Partners David & Gina Hanley and Lance Brown

Great meetings with the entire staff at EMI in Nashville today. We all are tremendously excited for a phenomenal year!


Owner Mitch Yellen to start building Pinery at the Hill


Christian Financial Planners - A Blotchy Track Record

Christian Financial Planners - A Blotchy Track Record

Christian Financial Planners - Is that some kind of joke? If someone puts a "fish" on their Yellow Pages ad, should I somehow attach more credibility or integrity to that service provider? If a website prominently displays a cross or a verse, should I automatically do business with this Christ-centered business? If the investment philosophy of a financial planner contains a WWJD in the subtitle, should I immediately sign-up, no questions asked?

Sorry for being so flippant, but you know what I'm saying. Sometimes it's the "Christian businesses" that give Christianity a bad name. We all know that the track record of combining "business" and "Christianity" is blotchy, at best.

Christian Financial Planners - A Higher Calling

Whoare Christian Financial Planners anyway? Unfortunately, many in the financial services community run the other way when they see the "fish sign." Character, integrity, and performance have taken a big hit in the name of Jesus Christ. Although using the name of Jesus in a marketing strategy should raise the bar significantly, it's become a sad excuse for subpar performance. By no means is this what Jesus intended for businesses being operated by His followers.

At Personal Equity Institute, we're Christian Financial Planners who take the commands of Christ as seriously as possible. We believe Jesus has called us to a higher standard of character, integrity, service, effort, and performance with our clients. Actually, we don't formally market ourselves as Christian financial planners -- we want to be known as highly successful financial advisors who follow and apply the highest level of values, stewardship, leadership, and accountability in everything we do. We feel this is the best way to reflect the light of Jesus!

Christian Financial Planners - A Quest for Truth

Being Christian Financial Planners is also about pursuing Truth. This pursuit doesn't just end with spiritual matters, but extends to all areas of life, including our financial plans. Pontius Pilate asked Jesus nearly 2,000 years ago, "What is Truth?" At Personal Equity Institute, we take that question seriously when it comes to discovering and implementing financial plans that truly work!

Personal Equity Institute is committed to learning, teaching, and implementing new and effective processes for acquiring wealth. Through our online resources, training seminars, books, articles, and counseling sessions, we help our clients understand the dynamics of accelerated wealth building and the pitfalls of traditional financial planning.

Christian Financial Planners - A Way of Life

As Christian Financial Planners, Personal Equity Institute is constantly pursuing the truth, exploring new and changing principals of finance. We examine historical data, apply common sense, and structure powerful prosperity systems. We also believe that anyone willing to remove the blinders of traditional thinking and willing to invest meaningful time in wealth building strategies,can become truly successful with their long-term financial dreams!

"People need more than a financial product. They need to understand that wealth-building processes and enlightened strategies are what build true wealth. So many people with real wealth potential are still languishing in the shadows of traditional financial planning and we are blessed to have the answers they need. It is my passion and my calling to lead others into this light that has so profoundly changed my life."

- Mitchell Yellen

“Your Wealth Advocate”



Tour Dates for Night Beds

Get music info and tour dates on Night Beds here:





Art & Mitch, Groundbreaking at The Pinery at The Hill.

Art Klein & Mitch Yellen formed a strong bond working together for the past five years.  Art has shown great patience in working with Mitch & his team watching the The Pinery at the Hill come to full fruition.


Top of the World May 19, 2012

Client and Partner of Mitch Yellen, Chaz Lalonde reached the summit of Mt. Everest around 7:30am Saturday May 19th, Nepal time!

You can read more about this great accomplishment here....